Stockings For Soldiers
Boy Scout Eagle Project
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Stockings For Soldiers

Thank You!

We did it! Thanks so much to everyone who participated in this project with me. Together, we gathered so many donations that our first shipment to the soldiers totaled over 300 pounds! That shipment went in five 18x18x24 sized boxes and included stockings filled with candy, small snack meals, gum, popcorn, energy bars, hand knit hats, MP3 players, DVDs, CDs, cameras, hand-held game players, pens and paper, Sudoku books, playing cards and so many other things. They were packed tightly with as much as the stocking could hold.
Each stocking also had at least five hand written Christmas cards so our soldiers had lots to read from people back home. After loading a box with stockings, it was topped off with more presents for the soldiers - boxes of chocolate, dart boards, puzzle boxes, pictures and letters from school children and even a hand print wreath from a class in Florida. I couldn't believe how many people wanted to get involved in this project and bring some Christmas cheer to our soldiers. Together, we all came together - everyone giving and doing what they could. Thank you all for the part you played in making this project successful!

The page links on the left let you read the letter I sent to the soldiers and see pictures of the donation drive, when we stuffed the stockings and several photos of individual donations.

On behalf of our military men and women, I thank you for helping to bring them a very Merry Christmas.

PS. As an FYI, there will be a second shipment sent to the soldiers due to all the hygiene items we collected. I am in the process of making 90 hygiene kits for each soldier and will ship that within the next week. I believe that shipment will weigh over 125 pounds ... so thanks again, everyone!

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