Stockings For Soldiers
Boy Scout Eagle Project
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About the Project

Hi, my name is Ryan and this website tells about my Boy Scout Eagle Project. I decided to select a cause that was important to me and that I knew could make a huge impact on others. Based on a project my family has done for the past several years, I decided to support a platoon of United States soldiers currently deployed to Afghanistan. In the past, my family and I have supported our American men and women in uniform through an organization called AdoptaPlatoon (  Since “adopting” several soldiers from AdoptaPlatoon and writing them weekly letters and supporting them regularly with care packages, my family has also participated in bringing “holiday cheer” to the men and women we have corresponded with. It has, quite simply, become a favorite family tradition. This year, however, I wanted to take on the sole responsibility of organizing this event, which is generally headed up by my parents. This year, my Eagle Project lent support to a soldier we have corresponded with who is currently deployed to Afghanistan with 89 other soldiers. When I first corresponded with the platoon in September regarding whether they were interested in having a variety of holiday celebrations provided to them, they responded with, “YES! We were just talking excitedly a couple days ago about the upcoming holidays and would welcome any and all decorations and festivities. THANK YOU!”. Imagine anticipating the holiday season four months before it arrives - surely these soldiers deserve a special celebration  ... and together, we brought them one. Read more about the project results by reading A Letter to Our Soldiers and checking out Pictures! Pictures!

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