Stockings For Soldiers
Boy Scout Eagle Project
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Pictures! Pictures!

We had a huge turnout of donations and volunteers for this project. Below are some photos of the "Donation Drive" held on Saturday, December 1st and of the "Stuffing of the Stockings" held on Sunday, December 2nd. These photos were sent to the soldiers so they could see how many people wanted to get involved and help out.

The Donation Drive

We had done our best to advertise the donation drive for several weeks, but we still got outside the day of the drive to let everyone know what we were doing. It was pretty cold and very windy, but we grabbed some hot cocoa and braved the elements for our soldiers! Volunteers also helped coordinate donations as they came in and helped people know where to sign cards for the soldiers while making sure everyone had a picture taken so we could send them over to the soldiers.

Signing Cards for the Soldiers

We had so many people come and sign cards for the soldiers. By the end of the day, we had over 450 cards signed and ready to send to them.

Meeting Santa

Santa was pretty busy during the donation drive. Take a look at many of the people who dropped by to have their photo taken and sent to the soldiers. I (Ryan) am pictured first in my scout uniform.

Stuffing Stockings

The day following the donation drive, several volunteers showed up to take those donations and get as many of them as possible into the Christmas Stockings we had for the soldiers. Some four hours later, the stockings were stuffed and we still had lots left over. We decided to do a separate shipment which would include hygiene kits for each soldier. We also will be sending regular care packages to this platoon over the next few months.


Drawings, Letters and Gifts from School Children

After this site went live and was forwarded to others in the "Internet World", I started receiving emails from Scout Leaders, Schools and Sunday School Teachers who wanted to participate - I even had scout troops donate funds they raised from bottle deposits so they could help our troops! Most of the pictures and letters were received the day the boxes had to be shipped out to the soldiers, so I couldn't take pictures of everything we received. However, here are a few snapshots of what children across the country did to show their support for our soldiers. Thanks kids!

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